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What Happens If There Is Sewage In My Home?

Most people cringe at the word “sewage”. Nobody wants a sewage back up in their home or business. Minuteman has trained professional to handle this problem too. However the sewage entered the home, through a main line break, clogged toilet etc. we are there to handle the situation. Unlike water that overflows from the sink where items can be saved, in a sewage situation everything that has been contaminated from the sewage must be discarded. Minuteman will extract the affected areas and sanitize the area before any drying can take place. Materials such as carpet, pad, drywall, vinyl, trim will be removed and discarded. We would then spray a anti-microbial spray to disinfect and deodorize the affected areas. We will strive to produce a clean safe environment.

My Hardwood Floors Are Wet….Can They Be Saved?

Just because hardwood floors are wet that does not mean that they cannot be saved. Minuteman has hardwood drying systems that when administered in a timely fashion, can save the flooring and eliminate the inconvenience, cost and time involved in replacing the flooring.

This hardwood drying system is designed with a mat type system where it seals sections of hardwood and extracts the water through the wood system. It uses a positive/negative type science of drying to draw water out.This system often produces incredible results.

There are many variables involved in attempting to bring a hardwood floor back to its original condition. Variables such as how long the floor has been saturated, the amount of water that affected the hardwood, how thick or thin the wood is and the type of finish all have a contributory factor in the ability of saving a hardwood floor. Of course, timeliness of a contractor arriving with the proper equipment is critical.