How To Prevent Black Mold
How To Prevent Black Mold
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By now, many people have heard about the dangers of black mold through media exposure talking about people getting sick from black mold poisoning and even hospitalized. These reports are so alarming that some people get fearful at the sight of any mold in their home or office, and for good reason. Having a mold problem can be expensive and even dangerous, but arming yourself with a little knowledge can go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe. 

Moist areas are the most likely environments to find any mold, including toxic black mold, and in particular it can be found in damp carpet, drywall, insulation, basements, attics, washrooms, and under kitchen sinks, etc. It isn’t necessarily the mold itself that gets you sick, but mold releases spores, and black mold spores are some of the most dangerous if inhaled or ingested. Common symptoms of black mold poisoning include sneezing, coughing, burning or watery eyes, itching, rashes, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea and vomiting and worse. Allergic reactions to the spores can be deadly and the longer a person is exposed to the mold the more severe their symptoms can get.  

Black mold is easy to identify, whereas all molds can trigger hay-fever like symptoms—most molds are green, gray or yellow, black mold is distinctly black in color. 

The best way to prevent black mold from growing in your house is to inspect areas for leaks and dampness regularly along with searching for any visible signs of mold. These regular inspections along with rapidly repairing any leaks and addressing any excessive dampness or water issues can go a long way towards protecting you and your family from toxic mold poisoning. However, if you do spot mold growing in your home, contact a professional restorer immediately to ensure safe, effective removal of the mold problem. Many do-it-yourself mold treatment procedures only provide a temporary solution at best, so turn to professionals with the proper training and experience to help protect you, your family and your property.

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