Tips For Cleaning Your Clothes After A Fire.
Tips For Cleaning Your Clothes After A Fire.
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There are few things anyone can experience in life as frightening and damaging as a fire. If it’s a small fire with little damage, you’ll likely feel grateful that it wasn’t much worse. If it’s a large fire with significant damage, it can be heart-wrenching and terrifying. As traumatic as the experience is, however, when it comes to the best outcomes for restoring your property and salvaging your possessions, acting fast is key. One of the first steps you’ll want to take is to hire a professional with fire restoration training and experience. These professionals will assess the damages and recommend strategies to repair, restore, clean and sanitize impacted environments to ensure that your property is returned to a safe and clean space.

One of the most problematic issues that some people try to address on their own after a fire is damage to textiles: carpets, upholstery and even household linens and clothing. You just want everything back to normal as quickly as possible, but not knowing the best ways to clean these items that have been exposed to soot and smoke can actually cause even greater damage. In fact, when it comes to carpets, upholstery and other household textiles, your best bet for restoration is to employ professional fire restorers as soon as possible. Acting fast is important because additional damage can be done to your property as soot might get ground into carpeting and stain fabrics along with other types of damage due to smoke and heat, etc. Professional fire restorers come with knowledge, experience and the proper equipment to best manage the damages resulting from a fire. 

Once the professionals have begun doing their job with restoring and cleaning your property, you might want to focus your attention on cleaning your clothes and household linens such as sheets and towels to remove any soot and smoke odors. Tests have shown that visibly soiled laundry can often be restored after approximately five washes using a residential washing machine with warm water, a low phosphate detergent and chlorine bleach (for clothing that can withstand washing and chlorine bleach). Dry cleaning has not been shown to be very effective in cleaning fire damaged clothes unless the cleaner uses an ozone process. Also, full polyester fabrics have been shown to be particularly difficult to clean. 

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